I help ambitious women
make more money by
shifting their mindset +
building their confidence.

Hey, I'm Mikaela Ian.

I’m a confidence coach and I believe in unleashing your inner confidence so you can create a fulfilling life. I help self-aware women like you shift your mindset + build your confidence so you can generate more money, whether you have a biz or work in a 9-5 (or both!).


In order for my clients to have what they want (MORE MONEY), they must give affirm themselves, clear out the (mind) trash and step into their power fully as a confident woman with a next level mindset. 


You will go from not confident and second guessing yourself because you’re scared to just got for it to someone who is in command of her life and confidently smashing her no longer scary goal with ease. 


If you let me, I’ll help you level up in ways you didn’t know were possible and take that big money dream and make it a reality. Book a 10-minute call to see if we’d be a good fit.