I help womenprenuers
confidently raise their
prices to match the
value they provide.

Hey, I'm Mikaela Ian.

I’m a confidence + business coach and I believe in unleashing your inner confidence so you can create a fulfilling life. I help self-aware women like you find the confidence to raise your prices to match the value you bring to the table. 


In order for my clients to have what they want (financial freedom), they must build their self-confidence to attract dream clients and raise their prices to bank the cash they desire. 


You will go from overworked and burnt out from trying to serve too many clients in order to hit your revenue goals to a high value businesswoman who charges based on the value she brings. 


If you let me, I’ll guide you through identifying creating your next level mindset, stepping into your power, identifying and attracting your dream clients, positioning yourself as an expert, revamping and pricing your offers, creating a confident marketing strategy and finally, signing clients who help you achieve your revenue goals.