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Here’s Why I Eat A Plant Based Diet

February 13, 2018Mikaela Ian

I get asked on a regular basis why I decided to switch to eating a mainly plant based diet. I figured I would sit down and actually figure out the true reason and let you in on it as well.

A bit of background – I was raised in a vegan household where everything was made from scratch. My mom lovingly cooked us three meals a day with the best possible ingredients from plants. We were eating homemade vegan items in the 90s before they were trendy. My mom was before her time in her quest to give her family the best nutrition she could.

So with that said, I rebelled as soon as I could. When I was 12, we moved to the US and my mom didn’t have the time to focus on cooking vegan food daily. So we adopted an easier vegetarian diet. That switch in diet made it easier to start eating other convenient foods that were off plan. Before I knew it, I was eating almost anything.

A major charge started two years ago when my now husband went vegan cold turkey. He listened to an interview with Russell Simmons on The Breakfast Club where he gave a rundown on the reasons he eats a plant based diet. My husband then watched a few documentaries and was sold on being vegan.

This was a challenge for me as the cook in the house. We didn’t eat unhealthy, but we ate chicken, fish, turkey and a good bit of dairy. After doing a bit of research, I decided to start incorporating more plant based meals into our weekly rotation. I figured if I was being supportive of Jason’s eating habits, it would be better in the long run for all of us. But I didn’t anticipate I would change my diet.

Once I started cooking plant based meals, I realized how delicious it can be to eat foods that are so good for you. When I look back at my childhood, I felt like I was being punished with adhering to a strict vegan diet.  Yes, it was horrible not being able to eat pizza or ice cream at birthday parties, but we were never sick as kids. Our immune systems were perfect, likely because we didn’t eat any dairy and we had a very low refined sugar diet.

So it seems like I’ve come full circle. I stopped cooking meat in my house almost two years ago. I finally cut out chicken last month. It was incredibly hard for me, but I know how bad chicken is so I let it go. The hardest thing for me is cheese. I can’t even pretend that it’s easy to give up. But, I know that my stomach doesn’t digest it and it sits in a ball and rots. That should be enough to make me stop eating it. Eventually, it will.

While I will never put a label on myself or my diet, I to subscribe to a primarily plant based diet because I feel good. I feel my healthiest when I’m juicing, making green smoothies and eating tons of veggies. My skin glows, my clothes feel amazing on and I feel like the best version of me. I won’t preach to you about your diet at all, but I will encourage you to try my recipes so that you can be amazed at how good plant based food can be.

In a nutshell, I switched to a plant based diet because I feel better, I look better and I know I’m helping the environment by refusing to eat meat. That’s just my small contribution to our planet 🙂

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