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Fitness Update: My Loves & Hates

January 14, 2019Mikaela Ian

Happy Monday! I’m back my bi-weekly update on my fitness journey with UP Fitness. So let’s talk about what I love and what I don’t. I love the workouts. They keep me interested and are challenging. There’s something powerful about going into the gym, blasting music that only I can hear and lifting heavy ass weights. I love being able to run through my workout for the day without anyone bothering me and feeling accomplished once I’ve completed it.

What I don’t love – hill sprints. I used to love cardio such as dance classes, kickboxing, that sort of thing. Now I know cardio is important but these hill sprints are horrendous. I’m thinking they are bad because I haven’t been as consistent with them as I should be. So, as of today, I’m recommitted to killing my hill sprints twice I week.

I love all the food I’m eating. Every meal has green veggies and it’s great to be able to eat so many veggies. I also love that I can season the food however I like, adding tons of spices and seasoning. Because I generally eat healthy, the meals aren’t a stretch for me but I have had my slip ups and I’m working on it.

What I don’t love – no coffee. I’m a coffee freak and love a good almond milk latte so to not be able to have it is killing me. I have slipped up, of course but I’m recommitted to kicking out the coffee. I really sucks but I know that I won’t die.

Overall, I’m not making the progress I had wanted to make due to tons of stress and a few other things going on in my personal life. But I’m done with excuses. I’m back at it with all the vigour I can muster up. Stay tuned!

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