Monday Rants: Beyonce, Kanye & Duchess Meghan

April 29, 2019Mikaela Ian
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Welcome to my Monday Rants where I muse about the happenings from the previous week. This series in intended to recap the most interesting pop culture news for black millennials. I will not discuss white folk here at all because there are plenty of blogs doing that. This is for black millennials.


We all know Beyoncé can do no wrong. Its not up for debate. I don’t need anyone in the comments talking bout she ain’t that great or she’s average or whatever. I’M NOT HERE FOR IT!

I digress. The reason we are discussing Beyoncé today is her Homecoming special, which I finally had a chance to watch over the weekend. It exceeded my expectations by far. But I’m not going to go into detail about Homecoming. What I am going to discuss is how much she was paid to headline Coachella.

According to The Blast:

“Ariana Grande and Beyoncé got paid the same amount to headline Coachella, despite reports saying the “7 Rings” singer made double. It was reported this week that Grande was paid $8 million for the high-profile gig and that Bey only got $4 million for her iconic performance. Those numbers are only half true.
According to our sources, the Grande number is accurate and Bey did get $4 million … for each show. We’re told the contracts for Grande and Beyoncé were structured exactly the same way — $4 million for the first weekend and another $4 million for the second.”

In what world do Beyoncé and Ariana Grande command the same paycheck?! In what world is Ariana’s stage presence equal to Beyoncé’s? No world, that’s where. It’s ludicrous to even think that what Beyoncé does on stage is on par with what Ariana does. No diss to Ariane Grande but she ain’t in the same league as Beyoncé AT ALL. And don’t come at me with “oh well, Beyoncé didn’t have to put in that much work for Coachella”. YES SHE DID. She is a black woman and knows that black women have to be excellent. We have got be better than white women in order to be taken seriously. It’s annoying AF, but it’s a fact no less.

But you know what makes it worse, The Weekend was paid more than both of them. Seriously, The Weekend who has like three hit songs was paid more than Beyoncé. This is not remotely OK. We already live in a world where men are paid more than women but now black men too?? I can’t blame The Weekend because of course if someone is throwing him that sort of paycheck, he’s going to take it. I blame the Coachella producers for thinking The Weekend is worth more than Beyoncé. BIG SIGH.

Kanye West

Let me make this VERY clear. I AM NOT a Kanye West fan. I used to be back in the day, but those days are long gone. Kanye is cancelled for me. I think a lot his problems began when he joined the K Klan – the Kardashians. Those women are known for sucking the life and soul out of black men. But I’m not going to blame Kim for his problems, I will blame Kanye.

People Magazine reported this week that Kanye is thinking about starting his own church after the great reception from the Sunday services he’s held for the past couple months. Now here’s where the problem begins – no one around Kanye is telling him the truth. No one is telling him that these ideas are shit. No one is pouring hot water I the crap that spews from his mouth. Why would Kanye think starting a church is a good idea? All of a sudden he’s Christian and spiritual?

According to People:

“He is extremely passionate about his faith and wants to share it more regularly with people,” a source close to West tells PEOPLE. “He spends a lot of time studying and praying and wants to share his journey. Say what you want about Kanye, but he really does want to help people who need support. He understands brokenness and the need for healing, probably more than most people. He believes in the healing powers of music, but also believes that God can step in and heal people’s brokenness and their issues.”

This is a load of crap. Kanye does not care about other people. He is currently making a mockery of the black church experience that I and many of my peers grew up in. If Kanye actually wanted to start a church, he should go intern with a pastor and learn about leading a flock or whatever. But miss me with this mess.

Duchess Meghan

Let it be known that I’m a HUGE fan of Duchess Meghan. I think she’s a breath of fresh air and extremely intelligent. As a member of the commonwealth, I am a royal watcher and I consider it be my duty to be aware what the family who rules my island is up to. So I watch regularly. And I’ve been watching how the British media has attacked Meghan from day one.
Meghan is a hard worker and has been working constantly since she joined the royal family. Now that she’s days away from giving birth, there is speculation of how long of a maternity leave she will take.

From The Daily Mail:

“A royal source told The Sun: ‘Meghan has made it very clear she wants to return to work as soon as possible. She has huge amounts of energy, is extremely determined and wants to be as hands-on as possible with her charities. She’s penciled in three months, but she’ll most likely return to public life in six weeks — on the Queen’s official birthday, Trooping the Colour, in June. Three months’ maternity is standard in the US for American mums – they don’t normally get the six or even 12 months women get here in the UK. So this is totally normal for Meghan.”

Now look, as a mother of two who didn’t get enough leave, I feel like Meghan should take as much time as she feels she needs. If she thinks she needs six months, she should absolutely take that. But, knowing how the media attacks her for EVERYTHING, I will be interested to see how long of a break she will take.

If she takes three months, the British media will claim she hasn’t spent enough time boding with her son and how she’s a bad mother blah blah. If she takes six months, they will say she’s off too long and living off the taxpayer while not working. Either way, she can’t win, which sucks. Meghan knows that as a woman of colour, she’s held to a much higher standard. And so far, she’s incredible.

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