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May 20, 2019Mikaela Ian
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I can’t believe Game of Thrones is done. I’ve been invested int his show for YEARS and it’s over already! That said, here are my thoughts on the finale. I’m not one of those fans who hated it. I didn’t love it but I have to admit it made a lot of sense. So let’s get to it.


Dany’s speech to the Unsullied and Dothraki was terrifying. I felt like I was watching Hitler speak. It was that moment I knew she had to die. There truly was no other way. I think she was soo far gone and it truly was sad to see. I do think this has been coming from season one but the writing could’ve developed it a bit more.


Tyrion threw the hand pin like a boss. I don’t think we needed to see the part where he was crying over Jamie’s death. But it was good for closure to see Cersei’s body. I liked how he stood up to Dany and called her out on her shit. That said – she should’ve killed him right then and there. I also appreciated hwo he talked Jon into doing what needed to be done.

Jon Snow 

Jon killing Dany was the best thing he’s done all season. Jon has always been a good person so to see him to do “wrong” thing was pure satisfaction for me. I do wish they would’ve shown how he was captured and the emotions of the Unsullied and Dothraki. I don’t get how anyone knew Jon had killed Dany unless he confessed? It just seemed strange but Jon had to kill Dany, there was no other way. She was on some next crazy tip.

I loved that Jon Snow went north to the wall and then beyond the wall with the Wildlings. Jon has been my favourite character and I’ve enjoying watching him grow over the past eight years. I think he will be the king beyond the wall and marry a wildling woman and have wilding babies. He truly was free at the end and I loved it.


The scene where Drogon tries to wake up Dany was heart wrenching. I cried and cried. It was beautifully shot. Also, when he burned the throne, that was incredible as well. I thought for sure Jon was gone but it seemed Drogon understood that it was the chase for the Iron Throne that killed Dany.


I think Sansa screwed Jon by naming herself Queen of the North but I wasn’t mad about it. I’m glad she got a somewhat happy ending. I do think it’s weird that Arya left to explore considering she’s a ninja, but she has always wanted to see what was west of Westeros so her ending made sense. I would’ve preferred in Gendry had gone with her though.

Bran the Broken

It made sense for Bran to be king. He’s the only one without any allegiance or loyalties. He truly wants what best for people and the fact that he can see everything makes it right for him to be king. There really is no one else who could rule Westeros at this time.

Overall, I think the ending made a lot of sense. I’m also not going to bash the writers because they followed George RR Martin’s vision for the show. The ending is exactly what he will write in the book. I loved how to series opened with the Starks and ended with the Starks. They were the integral family and it was nice to see each of them get their happy ending.

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