The Weekend Wrap-Up: Episode 3

July 13, 2019Mikaela Ian
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Welcome to The Weekend Wrap-Up, where we discuss all things pop culture from this week as it relates to black millennials.

And what a GREAT week in the world of black pop culture. From R. Kelly being arrested on federal charges to Cardi B rapping about her p**y to Jah Rule being cleared re Fyre Fest, it’s been on and poppin. So let’s dive right in!

You can either watch The Weekend Wrap-Up on YouTube or check out the written version below. Or, even better – you can watch it and read it because they are not identical, and you might miss something if you only watch or just read! Just do both 🙂

R. Kelly indicted

R. Kelly was finally arrested on federal charges. It feels like Christmas to me today. For those of you who don’t know, I detest R. Kelly. I detest his supporters and those who defend his music. I detest everyone who has helped him cover up his crimes for the past 15 plus years. He deserves to be tortured and die a slow and painful death.


Singer R. Kelly was arrested on federal sex charges in Chicago Thursday night nearly five months after he was released on bail for additional sexual abuse charges brought by Illinois prosecutors, a spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s office said. The 52-year-old was arrested while walking his dog by Homeland Security Investigation agents and NYPD Public Safety Task Force, officials told News 4, and it is expected he will be brought to New York.

A 13-count indictment was handed down earlier Thursday in federal court for the Northern District of Illinois and includes charges of child pornography, enticement of a minor and obstruction of justice, U.S. attorney spokesman Joseph Fitzpatrick told The Associated Press. There are separate federal indictments filed in both Chicago and Brooklyn, according to a senior law enforcement official, and a court apperance in Chicago could come later Friday. Further details on the case are expected to be announced Friday in federal court for the Eastern District of New York.

So needless to say, I’m happy he’s been arrested and will be brought to New York to face charges. But will they actually stick and will he serve time??

Cardi B clap back to Jermaine Dupri

Cardi B has some words for Jermaine Dupri. In case you didn’t see, Jermaine gave an interview this week where he was asked who his favourite female rapper was. And the response was very interesting.

From JustJared

“I can’t really say [who my favorite female rapper is]. The only reason why I can’t say is because I feel they’re all rapping about the same things. I don’t think they’re showing us who’s the best rapper. I think they’re trying to show—for me, it’s like strippers rapping. And as far as rap goes, I’m not getting who’s the best rapper. I’m getting like, ‘OK, you got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story about you dancing in the club.’ It’s like, ‘OK, who’s going to be the rapper?’ At some point, somebody’s going to have to break out of that mold and just show us—talk about other things, just rap about other things besides that.”

So obviously everybody was like, ok then. Men rap about the same shit too. But you know who wasn’t having it?? Cardi B. She posted two videos to IG and here’s her rebuttal:

“I have seen a lot of people sayin’ ‘Nowadays, female rappers only talk about they p-ssy and sh-t. And now that Jermaine Dupri bring it up, now I’m gonna say something about it, right. First of all, I rap about my p–sy because she’s my best friend, you know what I’m sayin’? And second of all, it seems like that’s what people wanna hear. I ain’t even gonna front, because let me tell you something: When I did ‘Be Careful,’ people was talking mad s–t in the beginning, like, ‘What the f–k is this? This is not what I expected. I expected this, I expected that.’ So it’s like, if that’s what people ain’t tryna hear, then, alright, I’mma start rapping about my p–sy again.”

So Jermaine has a problem when women rap about stripping, their body parts, money, etc but not when men do?? So many male rappers rap about the same thing over and over again but it seems no one’s complaining about that, are they. Yet when a woman raps about what she feels empowered by, it’s a problem?! Not here for it.

Ja Rule cleared re Fyre Fest

Ja Ruel dodged a HUGE bullet this week after a judge dismissed a class action lawsuit against in regarding the ill-fated Fyre Fest. The lawsuit alleged he falsely promoted the festival and made false claims on social media about it. But he maintained his innocence and a judge sided with him.

According to CNet:

“Atkins and Margolin were participants in organizing or promoting a large-scale event,” the judge wrote. “There is no assertion that the Festival when first conceived or introduced to the public was intended not to go forward or that defendants intended not to perform by organizing the advertised amenities and accommodation.”

The court also ruled that the complaint didn’t specify when statements promoting the event were made or allege they were false at the time.  

“The Court agrees that the subjective qualifiers of ‘FOMO-inducing’ and ‘Coachella x1000’ are too ‘exaggerated, blustering, and boasting’ for a reasonable consumer to rely on,” the judge ruled, discussing Ja Rule’s tweets, which reference “fear of missing out” and the annual Coachella music festival.

Fyre Festival creator Billy McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison last year for wire fraud charges. Ja Rule has denied accountability for the festival.

I always thought it was strange that Ja was even involved in this nonsense. But, I never thought he was trying to scam rich white kids. That part always seemed above what he was capable of. To me, he was screwed over in the whole process and his reputation probably won’t recover – not that it was great to begin with.

But it looks like the blame is where it belongs – with Billy McFarland and his shady behind. And get this – he’s allegedly still scamming people while in jail. Some people never change.

Thanks for checking out this week’s The Weekend Wrap-Up. Do you think R. Kelly will actually go to jail? And what about Cardi – was she right in clapping back to Jermaine Dupri? And is Ja Rule actially innocent? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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