The Weekend Wrap-Up: Episode 1

June 29, 2019Mikaela Ian
Blog post

His guys! I hope you’re having a great Saturday! Today, I’m launching my new vlog – The Weekend Wrap-Up, which comes out every Saturday morning.

It’s always less than 10 minutes and covers the juiciest, most interesting celeb stories of the week with thought-provoking, insightful commentary. This week, I’m discussing:

  • The obsession with Meghan Markle and how EVERYTHING she does is wrong (MAJOR side eye)
  • Carmelo Anthony and his lies
  • Kim Kardashian and her latest scandal
  • Beyonc√© and all that hair

Press play! I hope you enjoy. And as always, if you have anything you’d like be to include, drop me an email ( or put it in the comments below!


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