Top Five Moments in Game of Thrones S8E1

April 16, 2019Mikaela Ian
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In case you didn’t know, I’m a Game of Thrones lunatic since I started watching it back in 2013. My husband and I are pretty obsessed. Each week for the final season, I will write a post with my top five moments of the episode. Let’s roll.

Jon + Arya Reunion

I’ve been waiting for this for soo long! Arya loved her big brother Jon so much from the last time they saw each other, and it’s been heartbreaking for me not to see a reunion. It was hilarious when Jon asked Arya if she had used Needle, the sword he gave her all the way back in season one. Of course she’s used it, Jon! But for real, this was my favourite reunion of all of them. It was beautiful to see the Stark children back together.

The North not accepting Dany

I mean, did Jon really think the hard ass northerners would accept Dany as their queen? She’s foreign, has dragons and is a Targaryen for Christ sake. I think he’s a bit whipped atm for thinking they would accept her. And did he think Sansa would warm to her either? Like come on now Jon Snow. Do you really still know nothing??

Jon Riding a Dragon

I really thought we would’ve had to wait until Jon knew he was Targaryen for him to a dragon but alas, the writers decided to surprise us. The scenes were absolutely beautiful watching the dragons fly over the snow and ice. I think seeing Jon so comfortable on the dragon made Dany love him even more. But at the same time, the army of the dead is coming. Why are you two joyriding dragons?!

Sansa is now the smartest

Why on earth would anyone trust Cersei Lannister? Like I truly do not get it. Did Tyrion really think that she would send her army north to fight the dead? I do think she tricked him by claiming she was pregnant (NEVER believed that mess) so maybe he thought she has a reason to live. But this is CERSEI LANNISTER we are talking about! She only cares about herself and her survival. It was ironic that it was Sansa, sweet summer child Sansa who pointed this out to everyone. Also, she’s the only one who thought about how they were going to feed all the armies. Why is Sansa the smartest person in the room now?? Oh and her shade to Tyrion was perfect.


I didn’t expect this to come up so soon, to be honest. I thought that we would go a few more episodes before Jon found out. I know we have a lot to wrap up with only a few more episodes to go, but this felt rushed. Jon barely had any time to react, but I think Samwell was the perfect person to tell him the deal. The thing that’s weird is that there is seemingly no concern that Dany is actually is aunt. But maybe that will come out in a future episode? But Sam asking Jon if Dany would give up the throne for her people was pretty telling. We all know she won’t.

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