Top Five Moments in Game of Thrones S8E3

April 30, 2019Mikaela Ian
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Game of Thrones has me shook every single time and The Long Night was no exception.

This episode made history as the longest battle ever shot on film and it was incredible. I see there are some critics who were disappointed, and I honestly feel like we’re we watching the same show?! Because this battle was EPIC to say the least.

Instead of writing out a think piece as they are everywhere, and it would be redundant, I’m just going to share the top five moments for me in The Battle of Winterfell.

Melisandre and her fire

The Red Woman came back and she delivered! I am not a fan of her at all except that time she raised Jon Snow from the dead. She is super problematic and has royally fucked up soo many times, especially when she convinced Stannis to sacrifice his own daughter.

But home girl showed up and showed out in this episode! First, she light the swords for the Dothraki and then she came through in the clutch and lit up the trenches. Finally, she breathed new life into Arya, which got her pumped up to then go and kill the Night. Even though she died at the end, Mel played her role and did exactly what she came to do. She still crazy AF though.

Lady Lyanna went out like a G

In last week’s episode when I saw Lyanna arguing with her cousin Jorah about wanting to fight, I knew she was a goner. But holy shit, what a way to go! It’s one thing to know you are going to die but it’s another thing to kill the person who’s literally murdering you as they are murdering you. When she stabbed that giant in his eye, I was screaming at my screen. For such a badass character, it was an awesome way to go.

Jorah dies protecting his Khalessi

Well well. I didn’t think we would see the day that Jorah actually died. I mean the man had grey scale and didn’t even die from that! But alas, all good things must come to an end. That said, it wasn’t surprising for me that Jorah died protecting Dany. If she wasn’t so stupid by staying on the ground with her damn dragon, he wouldn’t have had to come out of nowhere to protect her.

But oh well. The scene itself was beautifully shot and seeing Dany actually fighting was something I didn’t expect at all. Jorah died a man of honour defending his queen and it was beautiful. I will miss his awesome character.

Theon Defends Bran

I wrote last week that the plan for Theon to defend Bran was stupid at best. But I obviously didn’t pay attention to the actual plan because Theon was out there shooting the wights left and right with flaming arrows. I forgot that he was a skilled archer thanks to growing up in Winterfell. He definitely protected Bran until the Night’s King came.

I feel like this character has really had the best redemption story because man, I used to hate him. I did feel bad for him when he was Reek but for a long time, Theon was just an awful character. Bran telling him that he was a good man right before he rushed the Night King made me cry!

Arya Saves the Day

And now, the best for last. Arya Stark is the GOAT. This IS NOT up for discussion. Homegirl killed it in this episode. I was actually worried for her when she slid off the roof but then thanks to The Hound, she bounced back. And then when she was in the library tiptoeing around, I was worried again. But I really thought she was gonna died when the wights swarmed her but nope, Beric was brought back from the dead six times to save Arya’s life.

In the scene where she saw Melisandre, I thought she was going to kill her, but Mel reminded her of the words she said when she met Arya all those year ago. She was the force that motivate Arya to go and end the Night King when she said: “brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes … eyes you’ll shut forever.” And then, she asked Arya: “What do we say to the God of Death?” and she replies “Not today,” before running off to kill the NK.

That scene truly was magic. I thought the NK had Bran but nope, the youngest Stark literally came out of nowhere and shanked him. My husband thinks it showed how weak the NK was and I’m like nope. If anything, it showed how boss lady Arya is. All her training at the House of Black and White prepared her for this exact moment.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a Game of Thrones lunatic since I started watching it back in 2013. My husband and I are pretty obsessed. Each week for the final season, I will write a post with my top five moments of the episode. Let’s roll.

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