Top Five Moments in Game of Thrones S8E2

April 24, 2019Mikaela Ian
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In case you didn’t know, I’m a Game of Thrones lunatic since I started watching it back in 2013. My husband and I are pretty obsessed. Each week for the final season, I will write a post with my top five moments of the episode. Let’s roll.

Jamie Lannister’s Redemption

I like most GOT watchers used to hate Jamie Lannister. I hated his attitude, his lines, the fact that he was f**king his sister, all of it. He was the absolute worst to me. But then he started to change in season three and four and now, he’s pretty much beloved at this point.
In this week’s episode, we see Brienne standing up for him during his “trial” at Winterfell and I couldn’t have been prouder. The fact that he actually stood up to Cersei at the end of last season and left King’s Landing was a huge departure from the Jamie we knew in earlier seasons. I’m here for it.

Ser Brienne

Brienne is now a knight! Or should I call her Ser Brienne. She’s been one of my favourite characters since we met her in season two. She’s no nonsense but has such a great heart. Seeing the happiness on her face when Jamie knighted her was pure magic. But of course, it means she will die in the next episode since her character arc is done.

Stupid Bran Plan

I can’t believe with all the smarts in the war council room that anyone thought it was a good idea to have Theon protect Bran from the Night King. Yes, Theon is better than he used to be, and he is redeeming himself, but seriously?! This guy jumped from a ship instead of trying to help save his sister. How on earth could he protect Bran from the NK???

Jon telling Dany about R+L=J

In the first episode, we saw Jon being told by Samwell that his entire life was a lie. I thought he reacted really well to the news that he wasn’t Ned Stark’s son, but rather the legitimate son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. But this week, when he told Dany, I was a bit freaked out especially when she asked him who else knows. I think that’s setting us up for a torch of Bran and Samwell. Also, all she thought about was the throne, nothing else. I hate Dany these days.

Arya and Gendry

Well well well. This scene kind of shocked me, but it didn’t make me uncomfortable like so many other people. I didn’t find it strange at all. Arya is a woman now after all and she had a crush on Gendry when they met ages ago. Just because she’s a lethal assassin doesn’t mean a girl doesn’t have wants and needs. And yes, she “grew up before our eyes”, but she’s also a woman now. I felt like this was the most normal sex scene on the show.

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