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Why I Don’t Weigh Myself (And why you shouldn’t either)

February 27, 2019Mikaela Ian

I’m coming to the end of my training programme with UP Fitness. It’s a bit bittersweet because while I’ve done good, I know I could’ve done a bunch better. But at the same time, I’m pleased with my slow and steady progress. I’m well on my way to being summer time fine!

One of the things I’ve loved about this process is that I don’t have to weigh myself for weekly checkins. Yes, I have to do the dreaded photos, but those were much easier for me than weighing in. I used to be obsessed with the scale to the point where I weighed myself daily. I used to hate it, so it’s been refreshing to be able to skip that step during this programme.

But I wanted to go into more detail as to why I don’t weight myself to hopefully inspire others on a similar journey to ditch the scale as well if it gives you anxiety or dictates your day.

1) Weight is not be all end all

Honestly, the number on the scale is not a good indicator of health. Based on my height – 5’10 – a good BMI (body mass index) is 18.5 to 24.9. I come out at almost the end of the range for normal weight. Does that mean I’m not healthy? Not at all. BMI doesn’t calculate body fat so it’s really a waste of time. What I keep track of is my measurements and I take photos every week to see how my body changes.

2) It gets obsessive

As I said earlier, I used to be obsessed with weighing myself in the morning. I would do it after I used the bathroom every single morning. If the number went up, I’d get upset and then be super happy if it went down. But then if I had a heavy dinner, the number would go up again the next morning. Daily weigh ins are not good for me as I never want to obsess over my weight. I want to FEEL good and lift heavy ass weights.

3) Lighter weight doesn’t equal healthy

I’ve had to repeat this to myself over and over. My goal has always been strong, not thin. And the way I train, I expect to not really move much in terms of the number on the scale. I expect to lose inches and tone up, but not really lose weight. Yes, lose fat but not the overall number on the scale. So, if I lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, that isn’t necessarily healthy. It likely means I’ve starved myself or gone on some kinda of unhealthy cleanse. I tend to look at my body overall, my reps, the amount of weight I’m lifting and the food I’m eating instead of what the scale says.

There you have it, my three reasons as to why I don’t weigh myself. I know this isn’t for everyone, but it works well for me. The best way for me to gage my health and fitness is to do my measurements and take photos every Sunday morning. That shows me what I need to tighten up on and where I have wiggle room. Do you weigh yourself? Why or why not?

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