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Why I only use clean beauty products and why you should too

September 15, 2017Mikaela Ian

I did not have an “ah ha” moment in regards to clean beauty. It’s more so something I stumbled upon in my twenties. For as long as I can remember, I’ve cared about my skin and used the best products I could afford to ensure it is treated the best. When I was younger, I saw how obsessed my mom was with her skin. She spent a ton of money on amazing products and treated herself to facials once a month. My mom has incredible skin. She takes good care of it and in return, she doesn’t look even close to her age.

My nana also has great skin. She doesn’t obsess over it like my mom and has used drugstore products for most of her life. But she does pay attention to skincare and treats her skin well.

All of this rubbed off on me. When I graduated from university, I started buying more expensive products because expensive equals better, right? But what I found was that those products were filled with ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce. They kept my skin looking good for the most part, but I wasn’t keen on putting a whole bunch of chemicals on my face.

I slowly began researching better alternatives and found a few brands that I liked. But I didn’t put much thought into it. I just knew using products with less ingredients and ingredients I could pronounce would be better for my skin over time.

And it went the same for my hair. I used mainly popular hair products for women with curly hair. I didn’t pay attention to the ingredients at all. I more so focused on whether or not the product worked to tame my frizzy curls. But then I saw what was in the products and realized I was putting a whole bunch of crap on my hair which then seeped into my scalp.

I know my experience isn’t unique to me. As black women, we often buy products that work well for our skin tone or hair type. We don’t necessarily look at the ingredients. We more so look to see if it will work for us because historically, it’s been very hard to find products made for brown skin and kinky hair. I’ve used many brands over the years that are specifically made for women who look like me,  but are filled with toxic ingredients. How many toxins have I scrubbed into my scalp or put on my lips because the product was amazing in my hair or on my lips? How many times have I rubbed foundation onto my face or slathered a rich lotion on my body that was targeted to black women but full of crap?

For how many years have beauty companies targeted us with toxic products but knew we would buy them because we didn’t have many options? It’s insane to me. But thankfully, there are a wealth of products created for women of colour that don’t have any toxic ingredients in them. Many are clean, green, natural, organic, non-toxic and even vegan. And these aren’t strange products found in health food stores or shops in obscure locations. These are mainstream products available at Target, Sephora, Amazon and many other big-name companies. Clean beauty is fabulous, affordable and even better, accessible.

It’s time to get on board the clean beauty train. Leave your worries at the door and join a world where skincare not only works, but is perfect for your skin, where hair products cause your hair to grow and be super moisturized and makeup that not only comes in your shade but looks amazing! It’s time to make the switch to clean beauty.

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