You’re here because you want to learn how shift your mindset and build your confidence so that you can achieve your big, scary goal – making MORE MONEY!

Deciding to go for what you’ve always wanted isn’t easy, but it’s totally doable when you have someone beside you to hold your hand and hold you accountable. Sound good? Below I’ve outlined how we can work together. 

Bankable Confidence 1:1

Right now, you want to make more money this year, but your fear of failing is holding you back. But what if you could generate more money simply by shifting your mindset and building your confidence?

Together, we will work over the course of 90 days to help you achieve more money, time and freedom by building unshakable confidence. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: We start by affirming you so that you can build your confidence immediately, then visualising the woman you want to be and celebrating all your wins to start shifting your mindset so that you can believe you are worthy of more money, time and freedom. 

Step 2: I help you take out the (mind) trash by facing your fears around having more money, time and freedom, then I help you move past those fears with powerful exercises so you can have a complete mindset shift. 

Step 3: I then help you step into your power by erecting clear boundaries, creating your big money strategy and executing the strategy so that you can call in the coins.

You get eight calls, a customised Trello board, worksheets, swipe files and Voxer access during office hours for the entire 90 days to help you through the process.

In order to qualify for this offer, you must be:

– A high achiever in most areas of life but confidence is holding you back.

– Open to learning how to rewire your mind.

– Have a big money goal in mind you want to achieve but haven’t succeeded at it yet.

The programme is a mid four-figure investment but small compared to having absolutely no regrets and achieving your dream. 

When you shift your mindset and build your confidence, you are capable of anything – a promotion at work, a new job with a pay raise, scaling your business to six figures and finally having the time and freedom you desire. 

If you are interested in working with me, please click here to schedule a Money Magnet Breakthrough Call.

I’ve worked with Mikaela on a few occasions and each time I’ve received VALUE. When I first started working with Mikaela, I had no idea what I was doing with my potential brand. However, by working with Mikaela and being open to constructive criticism, I was able to gain confidence in myself and my brand. Although building my confidence is ongoing, I can work on it consistently as I show up for my community through video daily. If I could change anything, it would be to stop doubting myself and work with Mikaela earlier. P.S. - The first time I met Mikaela in person was at an entrepreneurial conference and she introduced me to some of her networks. I later mentioned to her I felt like I didn’t belong there because I was still trying to figure out my brand. Her response: You belonged there. You have to start before you’re ready. If you’re looking for someone to hold you accountable, Mikaela is the one.
Shuntelle Paynter
Travel Concierge/Blogger