The Instagram Video 101 Workshop hosted by Mikaela Ian was confidence changing. Not only have I been able to produce more videos, I’ve been able to promote my business via video with confidence which has increased my overall engagement. I highly recommend working with Mikaela Ian!
Shutnelle Paynter
Travel Blogger
I’ve been making a lot more videos on IG and this can be credited to Mikaela Ian, the world renowned confidence coach.
Kazelle Johnson
Owner, Kazelle Care
I worked with Mikaela during the America’s Cup. I always admired her confidence on and off the camera. I am so excited that she is sharing her talent, insight and tips with everyone. I had the pleasure of taking part in one of her recent classes and it was everything I expected. I thought I knew quite a bit about getting my message across on social media but I learned some awesome ideas and tips from Mikaela which I am strategising on implementing. I highly recommend you reach out to Mikaela if you want to “crush your confidence”. This boss babe knows what she is talking about.
Keyla Grant
Wellness Advocate