Mikaela Ian Pearman is the CEO + Founder of Mikaela Ian PR

Hi, Welcome to Mikaelaian.com. I’m Mikaela, a mommy, food + wine lover, red lipstick connoisseur and a public relations consultant. I live on the gorgeous island of Bermuda and am obsessed with finding the best eats in drinks to share with you. 

I wake up thinking about food every single day and plan all my vacations around where I’m going to eat. Safe to say, I’m pretty into food + wine. I started this food blog because of that. I’ve been writing about food since 2010 and love to give everyone I know recommendations on where to eat and drink. It’s truly my passion. 

Here on Mikaelaian.com, I focus on gourmet food, fantastic wine and luxe experiences. You’ll find recommendations for the best eats and drinks in Bermuda and to the various places I visit in my travels. You’ll also find reviews of various restaurants and events, as well as easy to make recipes from my favourite chefs. If that sounds good to you, hang around for a bit. I’m pretty fun 🙂

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What’s something you could always eat even if you’re on a diet: Mint Chip Ice Cream OR French fries with aioli

Now for the fun stuff!

The Book that changed my life: You are a Badass – How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life by Jen Sincero

If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive, who would it be: Oprah, duh

What’s your sign: Sagittarius

How tall are you: 5’10

TV show you can watch over and over again: Below Deck or Bridgerton

If you weren’t a content creator + PR pro, you would be: The owner of my own rosé brand

Favourite piece of clothing: beautiful, flowy summer dresses

Style icon: Bad Gal Ri Ri

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