Five Things I Loved About Grenada

Mikaela Ian

My husband and I visited Grenada last month for our honeymoon and had an awesome time. I can’t count the amount of times people have asked my why we chose Grenada. Honestly, we chose at random. We wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t too far (four hour flight from Miami), that was warm and a bit of the beaten path.

A lot of the Caribbean is tourist focused and that really isn’t our speed. We wanted to lounge without being bothered on the beaches. We also didn’t want to go somewhere crawling with tourists. So, we landed on Grenada. The weather was warm, it wasn’t too expensive and it was super laid back.

Here are the top five things I loved about the island.

1 – The views were incredible. Our first resort – Mount Cinnamon Greanda – was high in the hills overlooking the beautiful Grand Anse Beach. The view from our villa was seriously stunning even when it was overcast. We got the beach, the main harbour/town and all the way up to the mountains. So beautiful.

2 – The variety of resorts was outstanding. Mount Cinnamon was not luxury but it was a wonderful resort. We had a two-story villa with two bathrooms. The hotel included breakfast every morning and had a wonderful beach club right on Grand Anse Beach with delicious fish tacos. Our second hotel – Sandals LaSource – was luxury for sure. It was all inclusive with top shelf bars and wonderful food with plenty of activities. We had two very different experiences at very different price points on the same island – a win for us.

3 – Being the soca junkie that I am, I love the music in Grenada. Everywhere we went, soca music was playing. One of my favourite soca songs from this year – Top Striker – comes from Grenada. While we were there, we actually went to the Pure Grenada Music Festival, which was good fun. The headliners were Protégé, Morgan Heritage and Alison Hinds. And the tickets were cheap. I think we paid $100 for both of us for VIP tickets.

4 – The landscape of Grenada was stunning to say the least. One morning we were on the beach and that afternoon, we were twisting through the hills on a tour of the island. Our guide told us people live about half way up the mountains and you would see these houses literally built into the mountains. It was really cool coming from Bermuda where the island is flat.

5 – Grenada has plenty of activities as well. You could laze on the beach all day or be adventurous – the choice is yours. We chose to relax the majority of the time but went on an awesome dune buggy tour one afternoon with Sun Hunters Grenada. The tour took us on the backroads up high in the little villages. At one moment, I was sure one wrong turn and we would be off the cliff! There are also rainforests, waterfalls, rivers, plantation tours and so much more. Grenada is a very diverse island.

Overall, we loved Grenada and plan to go back in a few years. It’s not the easiest place to get to – we had a 24 hour layover in Miami – but it was worth it once we finally reached. Definitely check out Grenada if you’re looking for a relaxing Caribbean vacation without a ton of tourists.  

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