My Paradise – Bermuda

Mikaela Ian

Every time I step outside of my door, I am greeted with the sight of turquoise water with an expansive view. On the left, I see beautiful blue sky, the North Atlantic Ocean and white roof homes for miles. If I turn to the right, there’s more ocean for miles. I don’t think there’s anything better.

This is my paradise, my Bermuda – the island I was blessed to be born on 30 years ago. Bermuda, also known as Devil’s Isle, is my home and has been the home of my family for many generations. Having spent ten years of my life abroad, I have a deep affection and pride for my island home. There honestly is no finer place.

Imagine walking down the street with greetings of ‘hello’ from just about everyone who passes. Imagine homes the colour of the rainbow everywhere you turn. And what about beaches with pink sand and clear blue water. This is Bermuda.

A land of the friendliest people and likely the most expensive lattes – and food, and drink and everything! The place where relaxing on the beach doing nada is widely accepted as an appropriate way to spend your day. An island with history spanning more than 400 years and families who have been here since then.

In my opinion, we are the greatest island in the world. We have the most beautiful beaches, the kindest locals and the best rum. Bermuda is as safe as it gets and while we are known as a place to have a relaxing vacation, we definitely know how to party!

If I were to describe Bermuda in one word, that word would be incredible. Bermuda is incredibly stunning, visually with scenes that are jaw-dropping from east to west.

If you want to see real pink sand, head to Elbow Beach. If you want a gorgeous sunset, head to the west to Fort Scaur. Colourful shops and cobblestone streets – head east to St. George’s. Walk on any of the many railway trails to be at one with nature. To see the underworld, head out to Eastern Blue Cut for outstanding coral reefs with lovely fish.

Bermuda is not only my home, it’s where my heart belongs. From the beaches to the food to the people to the glorious sunsets, my island is phenomenal. Hail to Bermuda, my island in the sun!

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