Top Five Bermuda Beaches

Mikaela Ian

If you know nothing about Bermuda, shame on you. But if you only known one thing about my island home, it should be that we have the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. This is not an opinion – this is a fact.

Bermuda regularly tops lists for best beaches in the Caribbean and around the world. Our turquoise water and pink sand are a stunning combination which most people can’t believe until they see it in person. Having been to both the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, Bermuda’s beaches still come out on top. There simply isn’t anything more beautiful!

But which are the best beaches? Here are my top five beaches in Bermuda in no particular order.

Horseshoe Bay Beach
The South Shore has long been favoured as the home of the best beaches in Bermuda. Horseshoe Bay in Southampton is probably the most popular of all. It has the longest stretch of sand in Bermuda, big waves on rough days and calm seas on less rough days. In addition, the two coves on either side of the beach are perfect for families to take their kids. This is Bermuda’s top beach for a reason and honestly, the photos don’t do it justice.

Tobacco Bay
Tobacco Bay is a small beach in St. George’s on the North Shore facing Dockyard. It’s protected by large rocks jutting out and its regular low tide means you can walk out pretty far. It’s not the prettiest beach in Bermuda, but what makes Tobacco Bay awesome is the management who throw beach parties every weekend with drink specials, DJs and bonfires. This isn’t the place to go if you want to relax and read a book but if you want a fun beach day with great drinks, head to Tobacco Bay.

Warwick Long Bay
Another South Shore Beach that’s loved by tourists and locals alike. Warwick Long Bay is on a long stretch of sand that’s been completely untouched so it’s a nature lover’s paradise. The sand is grittier than Horseshoe Bay, but it’s still that beautiful pink hue. One note of caution – there is a steep drop after a few feet of entering so it’s not great for kids.

Cooper’s Island
Located in St. David’s, many Bermudians haven’t been here and I embarrassingly haven’t been here since I was a child. Formerly part of the US Base, Cooper’s Island is a nature reserve with 12 acres of beautiful, untouched land. Walk past Clearwater Beach and Turtle Beach for calm, shallow waters and empty beaches. Perfect for a romantic picnic in a secluded spot!

Elbow Beach
I had to save the best for last. Elbow Beach is my absolute favourite beach in Bermuda. The sand is powder soft and the water is always the perfect temperature. The great thing about Elbow Beach is that the public side is completely untouched and large enough that even if it’s a busy day, it doesn’t feel cramped. Not as popular with tourists as Horseshoe Bay, Elbow Beach is super popular with locals who spend the picnic picnicking on the gorgeous stretch of sand. And it’s only seven minutes from Hamilton!

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