Video: Rose’ Tasting Part One

Mikaela Ian

Today, we’re sampling three bottles of rosé! If you saw my video over the weekend, I picked up six bottles from Burrows Lightbourne in Bermuda to taste. Instead of doing six bottles at once, I decided to sample three at a time and film two videos for you.

In this video, I sampled Floriography, Domaine Tempier Bandol and Chornic Cellars Pink Pedals. The only bottle I’d tried before was the Chronic Cellars so this was a very interesting tasting. Press play to see what I liked and what I didn’t!

Fun fact: I tried all these wines again over the course of the weekend and I ended up enjoying the Domaine Tempier after a few sips. This is why I’m a firm believer of being open minded with wine!

All three bottles are available in Bermuda Burrows Lightbourne.

To purchase outside of Bermuda:

Chronic Cellars:


Domaine Tempier:

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