Top Five Best Alfresco Lunches in Bermuda

Mikaela Ian

Summer is officially here in Bermuda and that means spending more time outside. If you’re anything like me, alfresco dining is a top priority once the weather warms up. I don’t think there’s anything I enjoy more than sitting outside at a restaurant, sipping an ice-cold glass of rose and eating delicious food – preferably fresh fish.

There’s just something wonderful about dining outside. It brings so much joy, simple joy really. So with summer here and more outdoor dining on the cards, here are my picks for top five best alfresco dining in Bermuda.

Island Brasserie (formerly The Point)

The Point was always a favourite, especially the bar area. But the patio, even better. The views are wonderful and the food is delicious. Not to mention an excellent cocktail and wine list. Island Brasserie is a place I like to go when I have time to chill out a bit. I order the fish sandwich with yummy fries (they have the best!), a glass of rose (or a bottle) and enjoy the afternoon. Perfect for summer time.


This is a new restaurant at one of Bermuda’s small hotels – Rosedon. It boasts a Farm & Sea to Table menu with Southern inspired food. The outdoor section of Huckleberry is actually on the porch of the entrance to the hotel. It’s full covered with large arches to let in wonderful breeze. And the menu isn’t too shabby. With grilled fish tacos, crab cakes, lobster rolls and more, Huckleberry is a great spot of a lazy afternoon alfresco lunch.


This is one of my favourite restaurants whether I’m sitting inside or outside. But the balcony is where it’s at. It overlooks the harbour so you get to be waterside, watching marine traffic. I enjoy going for a lazy lunch, you know the ones where you can sit for a couple of hours noshing and drinking. I tend to go for small bites – crispy cauliflower, fish chowder bites, mac and greens and of course, a glass or bottle of rose. But they also have a bomb burger, fantastic fish sandwich and much more.

Pink Beach Club at The Loren

A newcomer on the dining scene in Bermuda, Pink Beach Club is where it’s at for alfresco dining. Sitting right next to the ocean, the views are incredible and the atmosphere can’t be beat. The menu is a bit small but it’s well executed. I enjoy coming for a late breakfast on a weekday if you can swing it. If not, come on a Saturday and enjoying sipping a piping hot coffee while overlooking the beautiful beach. Lunch is also wonderful here – it’s got to be a lazy lunch. I mean, you’re not going to want to rush with those views.

Wahoo’s Bistro

People love Wahoo’s. Not just St. Georgians either. Every single time I go without a reservation, Geza, the owner, goes “Mikaela” as if I’ve begged for a table too many times because the place is always full. But, he continually finds me a table and the food is always good. If you go, order from the daily blackboard, which changes ever so slightly. If they have rockfish ribs, definitely order those or one of the other fish specials of the day. Wahoo pate is also a standout as well as the tacos. Oh, and the swizzle is yum!

Now all you have to do is decide where to go and pick the perfect afternoon to enjoy alfresco dining, Bermuda style. Where are you favourite places to have a lazy outdoor lunch? Let me know in the comments!

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