Five Best Things To Eat In Bermuda Right Now

Mikaela Ian

One of the things that excites me most in the world is going out to eat. I know, it sounds kind of lame considering all the exciting things people do. But seriously, eating is my favourite hobby. I enjoy planning brunches, lunches and dinners and do it at work, with my friends and for my family.

I take my meals very seriously and get super annoyed when things go off plan. For instance, if I’ve been craving a fish sandwich from Café Ole but end up with one from The Wharf because plans changed, it throws my whole day off. I know I sound extreme but it is what it is.

I love to peruse restaurant menus online and often decide what I’m having before I get there. Maybe it’s a bit anal but, it works for me. Dining out is my idea of a very good time. With that said, today, I’m sharing my favorite things to eat in Bermuda right now from high end dining to (relatively) cheap eats.

Fish Sandwich

This wouldn’t be a list about food in Bermuda if I didn’t include a fish sandwich. My current favourite comes from Café Ole at Crystal Caves. Stefano, the owner, makes a mean fried snapper sandwich. If he doesn’t have snapper, he always has wahoo, which is always a good option. On a good day, he has red hind! So the sandwich is made with fresh fried fish on toasted raisin bread from Zaki’s Bakery topped with tartar sauce and coleslaw. It does not get any better than this! If I’m not super hungry, I’ll do the wahoo on a bun for a similar satisfying, much smaller meal. Oh, and don’t forget a side of salty, crispy fries.


This is my all-time favourite appetizer in the entire world and it’s from Tempest Bistro in St. George’s. One day, I was sitting at the bar having a glass of wine when Mark, the owner, suggested I try the Scarpetta. I had no idea what it was but figured it would be OK. Well, OK is an understatement for this amazing dish. It starts with grilled ciabatta bread on the plate with sweet pea hummus, puttanesca sauce, crumbled goat cheese and dukkha spices. Basically, what you do is tear the bread and smear it through everything, making sure to get a little bit of it all. It’s salty, creamy, earthy and spicy at the same time. There is nothing like this dish anywhere!

Salsicca & Spinaci Pizza

This pizza is new to me. I’ve been going to Rustico for years and since they moved locations, my family easts there regularly. So imagine my confusion one day when I dined at Rustico with a coworker who ordered this pizza and declared it the best pizza she had ever had. It’s simple – mozzarella, sweet sausage, spinach and parmesan. She orders it with caramelized onion and says that’s the trick. One day, I decided to order it and subbed mushrooms for sausage and added the carmelised onions. MIND BLOWN! This pizza was everything that I needed it to be and so much more. This super thin crust made it easy to eat the entire thing without being stuffed. Please go to Rustico and get you this pizza!

Truffle Fries

I’m a French Fries freak. Anytime they are on a menu, I have to order them. And I hate nothing more than boring frozen French Fries in a restaurant – such a waste! So imagine my delight the first time I ate at Devil’s Isle and saw hand cut fries on their menu. And then Truffle Fries –  hand cut fries topped with truffle sauce, shaved parmesan cheese and scallions. They are crispy, salty, creamy and fresh thanks to the scallions. I’ve been known to eat a portion and order another one. That’s how good they are! PS, they are also available at Village Pantry, which is where I eat them on a regular.

Catch of the Day

My favourite place to get the catch of the day is at Wahoo’s Bistro. Wahoo’s is consistent, likely one of the most consistent Restaurants in Bermuda. My husband loves Wahoo’s so we eat there maybe twice a month or thereabouts. And without fail, we tend to get something from the specials board. He loves the Bermuda Triangle – Grilled Wahoo, Panfried Rockfish and Breaded Mahi Mahi with peas and rice, coleslaw and fried plantain. I tend to get the Red Hind special, which comes with peas and rice and coleslaw. The food is so simple and almost homey, but incredibly delicious. Not to mention the setting is absolutely perfect.

There you have it – my favourite things to eat in Bermuda these days. What are your favourite things to eat right now? Let me know in the comments.

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