Five Amazing Bottles of Rose’ (that you can actually afford)

Mikaela Ian

Let me start this off by saying we all know I am not a wine expert, but I love me some wine. During the cooler months, I enjoy red wine exclusively but once the warm weather hits, it’s rosé all day baby!

There’s just something so fabulous about a bottle of light pink wine. I can’t really describe, but it just feels right to be sipping on a cold, crisp rose in the summer months. Let me set the scene – I’m sitting outside on my favourite patio on a warm summer day. The breeze is blowing giving me much-needed relief from the hot sun. In walks the server with an ice cold glass and a chilled bottle of the pink stuff. It’s perfection for me.

I order it everywhere I go, which is kinda predictable but I like what I like. So with that said, let’s talk about my favourite rosé’s for the summer and where you can buy it.

 Photo by: Sanae Murata Photo by: Sanae Murata

AIX Rose

This is my absolutely favourite rosé in the world. And trust me, I’ve drank a ton of rose in my research to find the best. This rose is the gold awarded premium Provence rose made with dedication and passion. The company calls it the perfect wine to drink with friends and family all day long. And I have to agree with them! It’s a very pale salmon pink and super crisp and dry with notes of watermelon, strawberries and flowers. AIX is a classical blend of Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault and is billed as an affordable every luxury.

Price: $24

The Palm Rose

This is a brand new rose just in time for the summer. It comes from the same winery that brought us Whispering Angel and has crisp flavours of red cherry, peach and raspberry. Another crisp, dry wine, this is another favourite for the summer. This wine is super trendy right now and has a fun, sexy bottle. It’s great to take pics with for the gram but for real, it’s a delicious rose for the summer.

Price: $23.80

Chronic Cellars Pink Pedals

For a wine that I didn’t like the first time I tried it, this one has become a new favourite. Pink Pedals is a California rosé from Sonoma. I prefer my rosé to be from France but this one is really nice. It’s a lovely dry rosé with great fruit characteristics. It’s Grenache and Syrah based, a bright, crisp, refreshing wine with notes of watermelon, pomegranate and cantaloupe. Definitely try Pink Pedlas even if you aren’t big on California rosé. Thank me later.

Price: $24.80

Mirabeau en Provence Rosé

This is an inexpensive favourite of mine. And by inexpensive, I mean $20 a bottle rather than $24 cuz it adds up when you’re buying multiple bottles. But seriously, Mirabeau is a fantastic rosé that also comes out of the Provence region. It’s produced by a family. The flavours are primarily strawberry and raspberry balanced by fresh acidity. Mirabeau calls is the perfect aperitif for an alfresco moment and I have to agree!

Price: $20

Sacha Lichine

This is another inexpensive rose that I enjoy drinking, mainly while at restaurants. Sacha Lichine is a single blend rosé that has a bright, blush colour with an elegant nose. It’s full and balanced and dry. The varietals include Grenache and Cinsault. I enjoy this wine because it’s crisp and refreshing and not at a higher price point like other enjoyable rose’s.

Price: $20!/our-range/


In conclusion, I LOVE rosé as you already know. These five wines are my favourites to drink right now and I keep my home stocked with at least a bottle or two at all times. If you are new to drinking rosé, these are all excellent bottles to try. As I said, AIX is my favourite and no matter what new wine I try, I always return to it because it’s excellent. My husband favours The Palm and for good reason.

Have you tried any of these bottles? If not, which one will you try first? If yes, which one is your favourite?

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