Video: Rose’ Tasting Part Two

Mikaela Ian

Today, I’m back with the remaining bottles of rosé from my haul last month at Burrows Lightbourne in Bermuda. I tasted the first three bottles in this video and today, we’re trying out the other three.

In this video, I sampled The Palm, Mirabeau and Rosa de Massi. Out of these three, I the only one I hadn’t heard of was the Rosa dei Masi. I’ve been drinking Mirabeau for a few years and The Palm is a new favourite from this summer. It was interesting to see if I would like these wines when tasting new ones. Press play to see what I liked and what I didn’t!

Fun fact: My husband loves The Palm and while I like it, during this tasting, it was my favourite! I didn’t expect it to be the winner but it really was. That said, I still love Mirabeau and the Rosa dei Masi is one that I will buy for sure! This is why I’m a firm believer of being open minded with wine!

All three bottles are available in Bermuda Burrows Lightbourne.

To purchase outside of Bermuda:

 The Palm:


Rosa dei Masi:

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