3 Ways to Use Video on IG to Promote Your Biz

Mikaela Ian

Imagine this: there’s this amazing platform where you can find and attract customers for your business. You can post beautiful photos, inspiring quotes, add links in your bio and get people to buy your products/offers.

But you aren’t utilizing that platform effectively. There’s a big component that you’re scared of. A part that you haven’t touched because you’re worried about what people will think even though you know it would absolutely add to your marketing efforts.

The platform is Instagram and you aren’t using its video capabilities effectively. You’ve not been doing it because you feel uncomfortable or you aren’t quite sure how it works. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Today I’m sharing three ways you can easily use video on Instagram to promote your business. Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been in business for awhile but haven’t done any video, these tips will help you utilize video effectively on the gram.

Post a video to your Feed or IGTV

This is a great way to get started doing video. You can teach something in a short video, share a bit about yourself, share your offers, do a “three ways/steps” video like what I do on my feed and so much more. You can talk about one thing people need to know about something, you can share previews to your content (blog/podcast/vlog), etc. The possibilities are endless. The only rule I have is to keep the videos to the point and succinct. No one is watching a super long video of you talking. I try to keep mine between one and two and a half minutes and that works well.

Use IG Stories to do Micro Trainings

I first heard of Micro Trainings from my friend Lisa Rigoli who runs @thecorporatesidehustler. She does a few a week and it’s such a great way to engage with your audience. So what are they?! Micro Trainings are videos created on IG stories that teach you something on a topic in a few video slides. The slides are 15 seconds each so I usually suggest trying to do the training in no more than six to eight slides to keep your audience engaged. The most important part here is to remember to add text to each slide so that people can follow along. Also, remember to have fun: add filters, use stickers, use different colours, etc.

Do IG Lives

Instagram Live is a GREAT way to connect with your audience in such an authentic way. You can use lives to do trainings, bring on guests like you’re doing a show, to promote launches and to do live Q&As. I personally don’t use lives often, but I will be incorporating them into my strategy very soon. The great thing about lives is you can tell your audience the day before so that they know to show up. You can also ask them to send you any questions they have and answer them right there. Instagram keeps the live up for 24 hours so you can also remind your audience to catch it before it expires.

I hope these three tips were super helpful for you in incorporating a strategy for video for social media. If you have any questions, shoot me an email at Mikaela@mikaelaian.com and if you want help creating a video strategy for your brand, I’d be happy to do that for you. You can email me or click here to schedule a call with me.

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