7 Things I’m Leaving Behind in 2018

Mikaela Ian

I sit here writing this on a cold and dreary Friday. It’s that funky time of year when you really don’t know what day it is or what you’re supposed to be doing. Work for the most part is quiet and slow as so many people are out on vacation.

Oh and it’s cold. All I want to do is curl up in my bed with a glass of red watching movies with my hubby and the boys. This is also the time when I like to do a bit of self-reflection. While I’m not doing any resolutions for 2019, I am setting out my intentions for the year by writing out what I plan to leave in 2018.

My reasoning for doing this is simple – I find when I get really specific about my plans and am intentional, I get results. Putting it out there in the universe really makes it happen for me and hopefully it will for you.

With that said, I’m sharing seven things I’ve decided to leave behind in 2018 with the hope that in 2019 I will develop better habits.

Mom guilt

This is a big one for me. I feel guilty for leaving my kids when I go on work trips or even for some self-care time. I feel as though I will be judged for being an ambitious, hard working mom. However, I vow to no longer give a shit about mom guilt. I love my kids immensely and everything I do is for them. End of story.


This is my biggest obstacle. I’ve avoided doing so many things in life because I felt I wasn’t good enough or was worried what people would think. That ends now. I know what I bring to the table and it’s valuable AF. Self-doubt can seriously f**k off.

Feeling like the world will stop if I do

I really struggle with this one. Even when I’m on vacation, I answer emails and check in to make sure everything is cool. But next year, I’m going to stop. If I can’t get something done, someone else will be able to do it. The world isn’t going to stop because I didn’t get the laundry folded or because I forgot to schedule a social media post.


I’ve been a gossip as long as I can remember, and it’s hurt many relationships over the years. It’s not very becoming at all for the woman I claim to be. It’s going to be hard to overcome but I will. I’m really going to focus on biting my tongue and not engaging in petty bullshit.

Obsessing over my weight

This is pretty much tied with self-doubt as the hardest on the list for me to leave behind. But, since I’ve been working with UP Fitness, I’ve changed my thought process around a healthy lifestyle. I know what I don’t have to weigh a magic number to be beautiful or sexy. All I need to do is continue to eat very healthy and exercise consistently.

Phone obsession

Name one millennial who isn’t obsessed with their phone. I know, it sounds silly to put on the list, but my obsession is bad. For years my husband has complained about it, but I’ve always shrugged it off. I’m going to be leaving this obsession behind in 2018 and only using my phone with intention.

Poor fiscal management

So, I’m bad with money and I’m tired of being bad with money. I vow to make the necessary, sucky changes to incorporate better financial habits. That will mean spending less money on crap and eating out less, but I will have more money in the bank when life hits me hard. This will be the hardest change for me to make but I know life will be so much better when I have a handle on my finances. Why would the universe give me more money if I can’t handle what I already have?!

So those are the things I plan to leave behind in 2018. What are you leaving behind in 2018?! Let me know in the comments.


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