Do you need makeup + your hair done to do video?!

Mikaela Ian

Let’s talk hair and makeup. Now, I’m a video coach – not a makeup artist or a hairstylist, but I definitely have some thoughts because I have clients who ask me regularly do they need to wear make up on camera? Do they need to have their hair done?

The short answer is, do whatever you feel, but imma give you the long answer too. So I wear makeup on camera. I don’t really get my hair done because my hair is short, so I get a cut every couple weeks, but the reason that I wear makeup on camera is because I personally love make up and I like to look my best.

However, that is not the answer for you. If you enjoy wearing makeup, if you can do your makeup quickly and you don’t need professional makeup, as in like you do it every day and you can quickly pull it together in order to film then sure wear makeup. If you get your hair done regularly, or you enjoy getting your hair done, sure, get your hair done.

But ultimately, I want you to decide what’s best for you. I don’t want you to think that you need to wear makeup because I wear makeup and when I tell you, I wear makeup, I wear lipstick, I have a little bit of blush on, fill in my brows, mascara. That’s really it, unless I’m doing like super HD video.

So it’s ultimately your decision. If you feel good in makeup and you like what that looks like on camera by all means, go ahead. If you don’t want to wear makeup and you want to pop on a filter, that’s fine too. But decide what is best for you.

Here’s the video version:

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