Amazing Dinner Options at Island Cuisine

Mikaela Ian

Growing up, I loved eating Sunday dinners because I was guaranteed to get homestyle Bermudian comfort food. And these days, even though I eat out a lot at kinda fancy places, I really enjoy delicious home cooked food. But let’s be real, I’m not gonna be slaving over the stove on a regular basis to cook this kind of food. Yes, I love to cook but it can be a lot as an entrepreneur, mom and content creator. 

So here’s what I do when I want homestyle Bermudian food. I head over to Island Cuisine in Southampton and order some of their mouth watering food. I teamed up with Island Cuisine to sample some of their best sellers and share all the deets with you. 

Before I dive in, let’s talk a little bit about Island Cuisine. The diner-style, family restaurant opened 19 years ago and has been serving customers delicious, homestyle Bermudian food ever since. They are known for their amazing all day breakfast (their award-winning codfish breakfast!), large portions and food made from scratch without any shortcuts. The chefs cook with the best possible ingredients, which is clear when you taste the food.

Here are some of their best selling items that you absolutely should be ordering. 

Lamb Dinner – this dinner is entirely made from scratch with lamb that falls off the bone and the most decadent gravy. Of course, there’s a side of mint jelly that brightens up each bite as well. As for the sides, go classic with mashed potato and sauteed veggies. A classic, homestyle dinner done right. 

Coconut Curry Chicken – this curry is a twist on traditional Bermudian Curry Chicken and it’s soo good! The delicious curry flavour is enhanced with the decadent coconut cream, which makes for a delicious chicken dinner alongside some rice and mashed pumpkin. This is by far my faovurite of the offerings. 

Slow Braised Pork Chop – these are only available on the weekends and are super delicious. The meat is fork tender and well seasoned. The pork chops are marinated overnight, grilled, topped with gravy and slow braised in the oven for hours. I mean, come on!

Chicken Roti – this roti dish is made in house and comes with an optional side of mango chutney and a salad. The Chicken is well seasoned, fall apart tender and the roti skin is perfectly thin and crisp. This is another favourite of mine and something you must order if you love a good, well seasoned, flavorful roti. 

Bonus – don’t forget the amazing, house made sides like Scalloped Potatoes (my fave thing ever!), Peas and Rice, Macaroni and Cheese and Fried Plantain. 

Basically, if you order any of these things, you will be happy because they are all delicious. Island Cuisine is a great place to stop on the way home to grab dinner for the whole family. The prices are great, the service is fantastic and the food is cooked with tons if passion and love.

Island Cuisine is open daily from 7am to 9pm.

I‘m Mikaela, an island girl in Bermuda who’s obsessed with sharing gourmet food, fantastic wine and luxe experiences. If you love all things food and wine, click here to join my email list to get awesome recommendations.

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