How to make a Grazing Board for Valentine’s Day

Mikaela Ian

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Yeap, it’s the season of love whether you are a fan or not. I personally prefer to be loved on every single day of the year. But, I do love any excuse for a celebration, especially one that involves food, wine and fantastic chocolate (usually via a grazing board).

Earlier this week, I shared six romantic restaurants to enjoy with your lover on love day, but if dining out for Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, I’ve got you covered. Today, I’m showing you how to make a fabulous grazing board for love day. It’s not a charcuterie board, but a grazing board filled with yummy bites to pair perfectly with a bottle of red wine. 

I partnered with Miles Market to show you how to make a grazing board for Valentine’s Day. Miles Market is my go-to and has been for years for more specialty items in Bermuda. They have the best cheese selection and everything you need for a fabulous grazing board. Patrick James guided me to the best options to create the most delicious board. 

And the beauty of this board is that it doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day. You can put it together for date night, a night in with the girlfriend’s, an appetizer to a dinner party or just pull it together to watch a movie. Once you’ve got your ingredients, it comes together quickly. And remember, this is just a guide. You can customize your board however you like it and use whatever you have – a cutting board, a platter, a tray or in my case, a piece of marble tile (my late father always did his boards on pieces of marble that he’d bring home as a tiler).

These ingredients from Miles Market are top tier and made for the most DIVINE grazing board. OK, let’s get how to make a grazing board for Valentine’s Day. For your grazing board, you want to have cheese, a vehicle for the cheese, something crunchy, some fruit, something sweet, something savoury and some sort of spread to round it out. Here’s what I used from Miles Market:

Cheese: For this board, I used four different cheeses: Saint Agur, a blue, Westcombe Mature Clothbound, a cheddar, Le Roulé, a soft spreadable cheese and Beaufort Unpasteurized Cow Cheese. 

Crunchy: Kii Naturals Everything Artisan Crisps, Rustic Italian Crackers and Marcona Almonds.

Fruit: Large red grapes and Fruit Bliss Fruit Medley with organic, dried and pitted apricots, plums and figs

Sweet: Godiva 70% dark chocolate and Cam Bech Quince with madagascar bourbon vanilla

Savoury: Marinated Veggies from the Miles deli

Spread: Black Olive Tapenade from the Miles deli

To go with this board, I grabbed a bottle of Château La Bedouce Bordeaux Superieur, an organic red exclusive to Miles Market. It paired beautifully with the board and I couldn’t stop drinking it. 

Again, the beauty of creating a grazing board is that you can sub whatever cheeses you want with whatever crunchy items, fruit and so on. You can do an Italian-style board with all Italian cheeses + crostini or you can do a Mediterranean board with hummus as your spread, feta and olives or even just pick the various items you like and throw it on. Also, feel free to use meat. I don’t eat pork hence leaving the cold cuts out. 

And there you have it, a wonderful grazing board for love day. You can purchase all of these items at Miles Market and if you need help, ask for Patrick as he will happily guide you to buying the best items. If you have any questions, drop them in the comments. 

I’m Mikaela, an island girl in Bermuda who’s obsessed with sharing gourmet food, fantastic wine and luxe experiences. If you love all things food and wine, click here to join my email list to get awesome recommendations.

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