Where to get the BEST Brunch in Bermuda

Mikaela Ian

This post is all about where to get the best brunch in Bermuda. Brunch is a staple in the Bermudian culture, as I shared last week. And I feel like every week, someone is asking where to go for brunch. I guarantee I’ll get on Facebook tomorrow and someone will be asking about brunch. 

But here’s the thing – not all brunches are created equal so it’s very difficult to recommend brunch without knowing preferences. There are buffets, a la carte, set menus, family style and then of course, a more party-style brunch. The brunch I would recommend to my nana is likely very different from what I recommend to friends around my age. 

That said, I’ve come up with what I think is a fantastic list for the best brunch in Bermuda. I’ve tackled buffets, family-style service, set menus and of course, a la carte. That way you can decide what kind of experience you’re after and choose from the appropriate category. OK, let’s get into it!

Buffet Brunch Options

I think this is what a lot of Bermudians think of when they want to go out for brunch. And there is no shortage of buffet brunches across the island. But, they aren’t all treated equally. And let me get this out of the way early, I don’t enjoy a buffet but there are two that sit above the other offerings. 

Aurora: $49 pp + grats

This is the newest brunch offering in Bermuda at Newstead Hotel and it’s a great option for those who like buffets. There is a wide selection of food including minimal breakfast items (no codfish and potato), salads, sushi, cheeses, roasts with Yorkshire puddings, Bermudian favourites and then a large selection of foods from various cuisines around the world. 

The food is high quality and the service is great. You can also snag a bottle of prosecco for $40, which is a bargain. Just ask for some orange juice if you want to make mimosas. Chef Adam and his team have done an excellent job here. 

The Reefs: $54 pp + grats

This is a long-standing popular brunch, perhaps even more popular since the closure of Fairmont Southampton. The crowd at this brunch tends to be a bit older so it’s more traditional than other brunches. That said, I remember the food being full of flavour and delicious. 

Menu items include salads, sushi, omelet station, codfish + potato, curry of the day, local favourite sides and desserts. It’s a great place for an expansive brunch buffet.

Set Menu Options

This is a fave of mine because I like plated meals over buffets and family-style.  Most restaurants only offer a set course menu for brunch over the holidays. However, there is one restaurant that offers it year round every Sunday. 

Pink Beach Club at The Loren: $65 pp + grats

This brunch is a favourite of mine because the offerings are vast and the food is always delicious. It is a three-course set menu with amazing options, starting with a bread basket for the table including banana pecan bread, vanilla brioche and apple cinnamon muffin. 

Starters include avocado toast, deviled eggs, frittata, crispy chicken lollipops and much more. Entree options are shrimp + grits, fried chicken + waffles, brioche French toast, smoked salmon benedict, The Loren Burger and more. And for desserts, you can enjoy pecan + nutella beignets, warm chocolate fondant, homemade ice cream and more. 

This selection is amazing and honestly, the setting and view can’t be beat. This is a great choice for brunch on a Sunday. 

Family-Style Brunch

This is another semi new concept to Bermuda which I only saw surface during the pandemic. I really like family style because the concept is similar to buffet in that I can eat as much as I want, but it’s a bit safer and less germy. 

1609 at Hamilton Princess: $62 pp + grats and add on bubbly options

I adore this brunch because of the food, the unlimited bubbly, the DJ vibes and of course, the venue. Hamilton Princess had the best brunch for years at Marcus’. They tweaked it during the pandemic and it seems to have stuck. 

The food comes out in courses: breakfast and starters with eggs, bacon, BLT potato salad, guacamole + chips, cornbread, french toast, etc. Then the main courses include roast beef, blacked catch of the day, mac + cheese and pesto veggies. Finally, desserts are always Pastry Chef JJ’s choices. 

This is the only brunch to offer beverage packages, which honestly makes it more attractive than others. You can pay $110 to have unlimited prosecco, $130 for unlimited Veuve or Moet and then $222 for unlimited Ruinart Rosé. The cost includes the brunch. Each tier also includes a selection of wines and regular highballs. It’s an excellent deal and a great vibe every Sunday. If you don’t really like a party, go for the first seating. If you like a turn up, go for the second seating. 

A La Carte Brunch

This seems to be the least popular brunch option in Bermuda but honestly, it’s my fave. I can order whatever I want and usually have a yummy meal for less than $50, depending on where I go. I do a la carte brunch probably twice a month whereas the more expensive brunches are reserved for birthday’s or celebrations (I had brunch with my friends at 1609 to celebrate the launch of my PR business/reisgnation from my 9-5 in July).

Village Pantry: price depends on what you order

If you follow me on the gram, you know I’m always at Village Pantry. I honestly love coming here on a Sunday and having a lazy, casual brunch. I order the same thing everytime: Tostada Benedict with scrambled eggs instead of poached. I usually get the truffle fries too. If I haven’t had coffee, I will get coffee with steamed oat milk. If I have, I’ll get a mimosa or a spritz. 

The menu includes chicken and waffles (another fave), chilaquiles, pancakes, waffles, bacon, egg + cheese sandwich, avocado toast, banana bread French toast and much more. It’s also super kid friendly (Xavi has been coming here since he was born). 

The Cloud: price depends on what you order

This is a new fave of mine, but it’s only open for brunch on Saturday’s. Chef James has created an interesting, innovative menu with really cool dishes. I really like the market hash with scrambled eggs, but there are a ton of other fab dishes including smoked salmon rosti, happy eggs in shakshuka, prawn + corn omelette, breakfast lobster poutine, leek + avocado toast, black truffle croque monsieur and more. 

There are also salads, sandwiches and a large orffering of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. The Cloud is a must do if you’re looking for something different and delicious for a casul Saturday brunch. 

OK, I know this was long but I wanted to give you a bunch of option that are approved by me. I would only recommend you restaurants that I actually dine in frequently and actually enjoy. If you check out any of these options, I think you’ll enjoy. Let me know if you go and tag me in your posts on IG (@themikaelaian). 

I‘m Mikaela, an island girl in Bermuda who’s obsessed with sharing gourmet food, fantastic wine and luxe experiences. If you love all things food and wine, click here to join my email list to get awesome recommendations.

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