How to have the BEST Christmas

Mikaela Ian

Christmas is next week! I’m super excited and have been since Thanksgiving. It’s truly my favourite holiday by far.

Even though Christmas is obviously the best, I’ve learned a few ways to make it even better and I’d like to pass them on to you. Here are my five tips to making sure you have the best Christmas day.

Plan out your cooking schedule – Finalise your menu at least a week in advance and write out the ingredients you need for each dish. Two to three days before the big day, head to the grocery store and grab everything you need. I start prepping on Christmas Eve because my husband’s birthday is the 23rd, but you can start then. Make all the dishes you can do ahead of time ie cranberry sauce, desserts, rolls (freeze and bake on Christmas), soup, sauces, brine the turkey, etc. When you start cooking on Christmas morning, you’ll have a massive head start on the day and be less stressed.

Stock up on drinks – We drink wine for Christmas in my house so I always make sure to buy at least six bottles. This year we’ve been drinking lighter reds so I plan to buy probably two different varieties. But don’t forget the champagne! Mimosas are great for Christmas morning or you can make a Christmas punch for the kids and top yours with champagne. Speaking of the kids, I always buy a few bottles of Welch’s sparkling wine for them. It’s fancy and they think they are drinking wine. Make sure you have coffee/tea to go with dessert and plenty of water to drink.

Start a new tradition – Family traditions are always a great idea over the holidays. My family always has variations of the same menu every single year with a few dishes being exactly the same as when I was a child. But it’s always nice to start a new tradition. My immediate family is kicking off a new one this year – matching Christmas pajamas for the entire family. This isn’t a new idea or anything but it’s new to us. I can’t wait!

Make an awesome playlist – I live for Christmas carols. Growing up in a religious family means most of my faves are Christian songs, but I love a lil Mariah. It isn’t Christmas until I hear “All I Want For Christmas”! There are great playlists on YouTube or you can easily make your own. Make sure you choose a mix of traditional and new songs. And definitely add in some Michael Buble.

Be present – Put down your phone for one day and enjoy the company. And yes, I’m talking to myself. Whether family or friends, everyone will appreciate you staying off the gram for one afternoon. It’s fine to post a pic earlier in the day and do a few stories, but try not to stay on your phone the entire time. Christmas is all about spending time with the ones you love.

What are your tips to having the best Christmas?? Let me know in the comments!

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