Instagram for Business: Three things you should have

Mikaela Ian

Using Instagram for business purposes is a great way to gain exposure and grow your brand. But only if you do it right.

If you aren’t sure how to best utilize all the features IG offers for businesses, you’re missing out. But even if you don’t know all the features, there are three things you should be doing if you want to grow your business on the gram: have a clear, concise bio, relevant content and a call to action on every post.

I’m going to break down each one and tell you why they are all important for to gain visibility in the ever-competitive online space.

A clear, concise bio

Your bio should include at minimum who you are and what you do. A lot of people don’t utilize the bio space effectively and leave potential followers or customers confused about what their business is. Often times, I see people sharing fun facts about themselves instead of clearly explaining why I should follow them. You’ll often see something like this: wife|mother|god first|actress|model and then a bunch of emojis and probably a link.

A bio like this does NOTHING to tell a potential follower or customer what you offer and why they should follow you! My rule of thumb is to say who I’m helping, what I’m helping them do and what the outcome will be. That way I’m appealing to my ideal client who will eventually buy my services. If your bio isn’t set up like this, it’s time to revamp it a bit!

Relevant Content

The whole point of Instagram is to share content, especially valuable content. But if you’re posting any and everything, you’re wasting your time. I’ve seen pages where I have no clue what someone’s niche is and then keep scrolling because their content isn’t at all relevant. Posting selfies, photos of your dog and your coffee are not ways to grow your brand!

When you’re deciding what to post, try a mix of inspirational and informational content to connect with your audience and then teach them something. Make sure the posts are relevant to your niche and not just random. It’s best if you plan these out ahead of time because it will save you time and help you stay focused on your niche. Make sure your next post is relevant to your niche.

Call to Action

You absolutely need to be using calls to action on your posts! If you aren’t sure what they are, it’s when you add something at the end of a post to get your followers to engage. When I draft my captions, I always add a call to action at the bottom. Sometimes it’s more involved, but most of the time, it’s super simple.

I will ask my followers to double tap if they agree or ask them a question to answer or ask them to drop an emoji if they agree or tap the link in my bio. By using calls to action, I am encouraging my followers to engage with me and then do something I ask of them. The whole point of social media is to be social. If you aren’t social, you aren’t going to grow. Try adding a call to action to your next post.

In conclusion, if you’re using Instagram for business, make sure you’re doing all three of these things especially if you want to grow and sell your products or services. A clear bio will help people understand who you are and what you do. Relevant content will inspire and inform them. Calls to action will help them engage with you more.

Are you using any of these three methods to grow your business on IG? Let me know in the comments.



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