Rum Swizzle Taste Test: Part One

Mikaela Ian

If you know anything about Bermuda, you must know that Bermudians like to drink a lot. And it seems like more so in the summertime. Of course, there are many different kinds of drinks but two reign supreme – Dark & Stormy’s and Rum Swizzle. I don’t drink the former but the latter, I can get down with. 

Rum Swizzle is basically a rum punch, but everyone makes it their own special way. I don’t make it anymore (too many ingredients), but I do like to find the best swizzle to drink.

That said, I’ve set out to find the best swizzle in Bermuda and I’m bringing you along for the ride! The criteria is simple – places that are easy to get to for locals and tourists where swizzle is already on the menu. 

The first stop – St. George’s aka the east end of the island. It’s my home and where I tend to find the best swizzle at restaurants.

I headed out with my brother Trae to Wahoo’s Bistro + Patio, The Wharf and Tobacco Bay to see which spot offered the best. We split a swizzle at each location to stay sober throughout the tasting process. Let’s get into it. 

Rum Swizzle at The Wharf

Best Swizzle in St. George’s

Wahoo’s – The Rum Swizzle here was $9 plus grats as we sat out on the patio. It was tart, not too sweet, more orange than I expected and not too strong. It was an easy slow sip on a beautiful afternoon. 

The Wharf – The Rum Swizzle here was a surprising $14 plus grats. It had that coral colour that I love thanks to a hefty splash of grenadine, had more bitters and wasn’t super sweet. This was a really good option.

Tobacco Bay – The Rum Swizzle here was $12 with no grats. This was the only bar to pour extra rum on top. The drink was well balanced, not too sweet, but maybe a bit too strong with the extra pour of rum.

Rum Swizzle at Tobacco Bay

Overall, I enjoyed each drink. I could drink any of these swizzles and thoroughly enjoy them on a nice summer day. But one definitely stood out and that’s the swizzle from Wahoo’s. It was just so well balanced, not too sweet and strong enough. Plus, you can’t beat the price – $9 is an excellent price at a restaurant for a generous pour of swizzle.

Have you had swizzle at any of these spots?! Let me know in the comments!

Oh, I’ll be taste testing in Hamilton next week. Let me know where I should go to sample the best swizzle in town.

I‘m Mikaela, an island girl who’s obsessed with finding the best eats and drinks in Bermuda and beyond. If you love all things food and wine, click here to join my email list to get awesome recommendations.

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