Rum Swizzle Taste Test: Part Two

Mikaela Ian

We are back with our Rum Swizzle Taste Test part two! Just to refresh your memory, Bermudians love to drink and Rum Swizzle is the most popular cocktail on the island. Everyone has their own special recipe and usually, the recipe isn’t shared. 

Rum Swizzle is basically a rum punch, but everyone makes it their own special way. I don’t make it anymore (too many ingredients), but I do like to find the best swizzle to drink.

In part one of this series, I said that I’ve set out to find the best swizzle in Bermuda and I’m bringing you along for the ride! The criteria is simple – places that are easy to get to for locals and tourists where swizzle is already on the menu. 

The first stop was St. George’s, and my brother Trae and I sampled the swizzle at Wahoo’s Bistro + Patio, The Wharf and Tobacco Bay to see which spot offered the best. Wahoo’s was the winner for us. 

This week, we ventured into the City of Hamilton or Town as the locals call with our Dad in tow to sample swizzle. We decided to do Front Street for ease and hit up Front Yard, The Terrace and The Birdcage. We shared a swizzle at each location to stay sober throughout the tasting process. Let’s get into it. 

Rum Swizzle at Front Yard

Front Yard – The Rum Swizzle here was $10 plus grats and was very similar to the swizzle at Wahoo’s, which I declared the winner of the first round. It was tart, not too sweet, a beautiful coral colour and not too strong. It was the most traditional out of the three and honestly, it is an easy swizzle to sip on any day of the week.

Rum Swizzle at The Terrace

The Terrace – The Rum Swizzle here was $10 plus grats, which was surprising for Front Street. It was very orange, which I pre-judged it for, and had an extra pour of rum on top, something I didn’t like at Tobacco Bay. Well, this swizzle blew us away by its complexity, slight bitterness and great taste from the apricot brandy. It will definitely get you full hot (drunk) quickly!

Rum Swizzle at The Birdcage

The Birdcage – The Rum Swizzle here was $14.50 grats and was the most unusual of the three. The recipe apparently comes from the 1920s and used grapefruit juice along with orange juice and housemade grenadine. It was strong in a good way and had a great balance of flavours. While I appreciated how different it was, I don’t know that I would order it again.

Overall, I enjoyed each drink, especially how different they each were. And honestly, that’s what I absolutely LOVE about Rum Swizzle. Everyone makes it different. But, one stood out and that was The Terrace. All three of us were in awe of how complex and incredible the drink was. And for just $10 on Front Street, you can’t beat it. 

Have you had swizzle at any of these spots?! Let me know in the comments!

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