Self-Awareness and Confidence

Mikaela Ian

If you’ve ever looked at your life and thought “There’s got to be more than this”, you’re absolutely right. There is more than to life than what you’re currently doing and the fact that you are self-aware enough to question whether there is more is a step in the right direction.

You can decide to live a bolder, better life. You can decide to go for that thing you’ve always wanted. You can move past your fears to achieve your dreams. But the first step is deciding that you want to make a change and that absolutely comes through being self-aware.

If you aren’t sure, take a look at your life: your job, your relationships, your health, your home, etc. If you’re happy with all of it then amazing! You’re doing better than most people. But if you aren’t happy, decide which parts make you unhappy and why they make you unhappy.

Maybe your home is too small. Maybe your car is janky. Maybe you aren’t being paid enough at work. Maybe you and your BFF haven’t been getting along for awhile. Maybe you and your partner have been on different pages for a really long time. Maybe you’ve gained a ton of stress weight and really need to get rid of it.

Take a look at those things that make you unhappy and give yourself permission to decide that you want to change them. It will be terrifying in most instances and you will feel like you can’t do it, but I’m here to tell you – you absolutely can!

If you want to get a new car but like you don’t have the money, sit and crunch the numbers. Find out how much the car costs with insurance and everything. Find out how much you would need to put down to get a loan. Find out how much the monthly payments would be. Find out how long those payments would be. Then go to your budget to see where you can make tweaks. Can you come up with the cash for the down payment? If so, how long will it take? Can you afford the monthly payments? If not, can you increase your cash flow to make it work?

You see how it goes? And you can apply this exercise to every area of your life you want to improve. Because we all have things we want to change, we just don’t always give ourselves permission to admit we want to make that change.

It’s all about building the confidence to curate the life you want. It’s all about accepting that you are in fact worthy of a beautiful life and making decisions that will get you to that life. But the first step is being self-aware. If you aren’t self-aware, you can’t recognize that you aren’t living the life you’ve always dreamed of and therefore, can’t make a change. I want you to find the courage to decide what you want and then take BOLD action to achieve it. That’s how you curate the life you want and then live it.

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