Should you film inside OR outside?!

Mikaela Ian

One of the questions that my clients and potential clients ask me on a regular basis is: should they film inside or outside and the answer might surprise you.

So you’re ready to film, you feel confident, you’re ready to go, you know what you’re going to talk about because you asked your audience what you should talk about. You’ve got your phone. Maybe you have a tripod and you’re ready, but you’re wondering, should I film indoors or outdoors?

Here’s the answer: You should always try to film inside.And here’s why: 

Number one: you can control the space so much better inside than outside. 

Number two You’re more likely to have a clean, clutter-free, simple background when you’re filming inside than when you’re filming outside. 

Number 3: you can control the noise inside. When you’re outside, you never know if a car is going to drive by, a dog’s gonna bark or in my case, if a plane is going to fly over your head. 

And number four: the light. You can control the light so much better indoors than outside, especially depending on the time of day that you film. 

However, if you really want to film outside and you’ve got your heart set on it, I would definitely ensure that your backgrounds are clutter-free. I would ensure that there are no noises, no distractions, and I would also ensure that you have great light. 

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