Three Reasons to Niche Down in Your Business

Mikaela Ian

When I first started to take myself serious as a blogger/influencer, I was all over the place. I was trying to blog about food (my number one love), wine, clean beauty, Bermuda, events and some general lifestyle stuff. I created a whole content calendar and social media strategy and was religious about my posting schedule.

As you can imagine, I got nowhere with it because I was all over the place. One day I was sharing my tips to having the best Christmas and the next, it was my favourite clean beauty brands. On the surface, this didn’t look like a bad strategy. After all, I was appealing to women who like to cook, drink wine, enjoyed clean beauty products, tips about Bermuda and Bermuda-related events. But that was also the problem – I was appealing to such a wide group of women that I was getting lost and not standing out amongst the thousands of bloggers.

I spent about six months blogging this way until one day it hit me – I had to niche down in order to stand out. Sure, appealing to everyone sounds great, but it’s not a great way to go about running a business. My goal was always to be the go to person in the industry.

What I discovered when I got really specific on the sort of business I wanted was that I becmae so much more confident because I knew what I was talking about. There was no way I could be an expert in food, wine, clean beauty, Bermuda and so on. But helping women crush their confidence to live their best lives – sure, I could definitely be the go-to for that niche.

Along the way, I’ve learned a thing or two on how finding your niche can help you be more confident in your expertise. Here are three ways your confidence will skyrocket once you focus on a niche.

You’ll be deemed an expert

It’s hard to be an expert in a variety of areas but expertise in one area – that’s easy. Once you find your niche, you may realise that you already know a ton about the industry or you’ll need to take a course or two to learn more. Either way, really focusing on one area will boost your confidence because you’ll be skilled in that area.

When you really focus on one thing, it makes it easier to be an expert in your industry. If you are a trainer maybe your focus strength training for women over 50. By creating content for women over 50 and solely focusing on training them, you will automatically become an expert in that area and make yourself the go-to person for training women over 50.

The mistake people make when starting a business is trying to know everything about everything, even if they’ve focused on one specific area. If you decide to focus on beauty, niche down to makeup and then take it even further to makeup for black women. That way, you will soak up tons of information relating to makeup for black women and then create content based on that niche.

You’ll build a tribe

The best thing about having a niche is building a tribe. If you are a food blogger who blogs about easy meals to make for busy moms, you’ll target busy moms. As you gain traction and grow your brand, you’ll create a community of moms who love you and your recipes. Having a bunch of followers who genuinely like you and value your content is a huge confidence boost.  I’m slowly building my tribe and honestly, it feels so good! Having women who come to me for questions relating to confidence and video work is awesome. Not to mention, your tribe will eventually buy from you once you have something to sell because they will already know, like and trust you.

You’ll be able to get paid paid

When you’re an expert, you can create products or offer services to your tribe. If you’re a beauty expert and you only do eyebrows, you will become an expert in eyebrows. You can then go on to open eyebrow salons, create an eyebrow kit, do tutorials on how to create the best eyebrows and so on. You could probably even do paid appearances at beauty events and conferences. By branding yourself as an eyebrow expert, you’re commanding authority in your niche. I’m sure there are many eyebrow girls who can also do makeup and even hair but doing too much takes away from their expertise.

Everyone of us is good at a variety of things, but when you decide to narrow down your interest and pick a niche, that’s when the magic happens. I’m a firm believer of the more you know, the more confident you become. Getting really specific on your offerings can help you boost your confidence like never before.

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