Using a script?! Please stop!

Mikaela Ian

If you’re using a script, when you film your video content, I really want you to stop. Let me tell you why.

OK, so think about it. If you’re using a script, when you go ahead to create video content, you’re likely memorizing it so that you can recite it to the camera. You go to press that record button, you start doing it, but then what happens? You forget some of the words you get off script and then you get flustered, you get frustrated, you get overwhelmed.

So you do it again, you mess up again. You do it again. You mess up again.

Get the picture? You see what I’m talking about? It sounds familiar, right?

Because I’m sure that some of you are doing this. I have clients who started doing this before we were working together, and I quickly convince them that scripts are not the way to go.

Because when you’re talking about script writing, that is a whole skill set in and of itself and reading from a teleprompter is another skill set, both of which took me a long time to master.

So I know that you are not going to be able to deliver a video with a script as your best self. It just is what it is.

So what I suggest that you do is decide what you’re going to film your video about and then jot down a couple points, jot down a couple notes, see how that feels and try that method out.

I promise you, it’s going to be so much easier than trying to do a script when you are creating a video.

Check out the video version here:

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