What I Eat To Lose Fat

Mikaela Ian

I get asked all the time what I typically eat in a day. I think people always see me eating out or attending various food related events and wonder how I manage to stay healthy. So, I figured I would write a post about it so that I can fully explain what a typical day of meal entails for me.

With that said, it’s important to note that I try to eat very healthy. I’m currently working on losing fat, so my current meal plan may seem extreme to some of you, but it works well for me. I’ve been working with UP Fitness since November and while I haven’t been as consistent as I would like, I have changed my eating habits and I see changes in my body.

First things first, I meal prep every Sunday. I like to batch cook for the week so that I have no excuse not to eat healthy during the week. Usually I will make a tomato sauce, a pot of chili, roast some veggies, make some rice, make my lunch for the week and then a protein of some sort. I love fattening foods just like everyone else, but I know that they aren’t good for me. I have to surround myself with healthy options, so I don’t go downstairs and order a grilled cheese for lunch. Let’s get into it.

Before I eat anything, I drink a mug with fresh lemon juice (one whole lemon) and warm water with himalyan pink salt. This immediately starts a detox for my body. I usually do this when I get out of the shower.

For breakfast, I alternate between two different meals. The most regular one is two eggs scrambled with a handful of spinach, two slices of sprouted toast and ¼ avocado mashed and spread on the toast with salt and pepper. Sometimes I don’t have the toast and have an apple instead. This meal keeps me full because it’s filled with healthy fat, protein and carbs. I usually have a coffee with steamed almond milk as well. If I don’t have this meal, I have a green smoothie made of spinach, one cup of frozen fruit, pea protein, almond butter and almond milk.

Next up, I like to have a small snack. Sometimes it’s a protein shake with almonds on the side but more than likely, it’s a cup of carrot sticks with some BermyFresh hummus. Right now, I’m loving the Green Machine Variety.

Lunch is the meal I look forward to all day. I usually go to the gym at lunch so I’m always hungry when I get back. Lunch is also the one meal I prep for myself on Sunday while doing my batch cooking. This week, I have “fried rice” which is made of brown rice, broccoli, cabbage, spring onions, egg and tofu. Everything is measured out so that it is the correct portion for my goals. This is also made without any oil, so it’s healthy for you. Other lunches include grilled salmon with veggies and sweet potatoes or buddha bowls with tofu, rice, veggie and some sort of easy, healthy sauce.

My next snack is usually a Blessed choc coconut protein shake with a palm full of almonds. And then dinner is easy. I usually modify whatever I cook for the boys into a meal for myself. If I make them vegan spaghetti and meatballs, I make zoodles for myself so that I still feel like I’m having an indulgent meal. Or I grill some fish and have that with veggies and avocado while they have mashed potatoes or rice with their meal. I try to keep it very simple for dinner since I work all day.

These days, I have my refeed or cheat meal on Saturday’s. I plan for this all week so that I don’t cheat and mess everything up. I also had to cut back my wine consumption A LOT, which sucks but I’m better for it in the long run. I also drink A TON of water throughout the day, about three litres. It means I use the bathroom pretty regularly, but it also means I’m very hydrated.

So that’s pretty much it – a day in the life of my meals. As you can see, I eat a lot of veggies, lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fats. One trick to adding tons of flavour to my meals is by using spices and various hot sauces. I also cook rice in broth to give it more flavour and braise greens in broth as well.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below or if you’d like suggestions on how to make your meals healthier!

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