Are you ready to take your confidence up a few notches?! It’s time for the #CrushYourConfidence Challenge!


The Crush Your Confidence Challenge is a three-day challenge where you will be given an actionable tip everyday to help boost your confidence.

You in?! Sign up today –  we are starting on August 19!

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Confidence sounds super easy but for many of us, it’s difficult to be confident on a day to day basis. Whether there’s childhood trauma you haven’t dealt with or maybe an ex made you feel like you weren’t enough, it’s not easy to feel confident all the time. Even though I appear to be confident 24-7, I have my days where I feel like nothing I do is right, and I get hard on myself.

And that’s why I have a few tricks to help me gain my confidence back. They aren’t groundbreaking, but they really work in helping to put some pep in your step.


Over the next three days, I will send you a confidence challenge every single morning for that day. I want you to read what the challenge is and why. Then, I want you to complete the challenge and post a photo on Instagram as proof by 12 midnight. If you don’t want to post to social, you can reply to the email along with a photo.

At the end of the challenge, I hope you will use these tips and tricks anytime you feel like you need a confidence boost.

If any of this sounds good to you, let’s get it cracking! The Crush Your Confidence Challenge starts on August 19!