You’re here because you want to finally be great on camera so that you can leverage video to increase your visibility and revenue. You haven’t been successful in the past because you don’t have the confidence, second guess yourself and aren’t really sure what to do. I know exactly how that feels because I’ve been here.

I remember the first time I went into the studio: the lights were hot, I was a sweaty mess and I kept fumbling over the teleprompter. Finally I walked out, defeated. But I came back, practiced consistently and got SO much better.

Over the past decade, I’ve perfected my craft and have had incredible opportunities because of my excellence on camera and because I can create an amazing video marketing strategy. Now, I’m paid to be on camera every single day. If learning how to translate your BOSS persona on camera is important to you so that you can connect with your audience, raise your profile and increase your coins, you’re in the right place. And if you want to learn my best video strategies so that you can grow your brand, we should work together.


Bankable On Camera 1:1 a 12-week program where we focus on improving your on camera presence and creating a video marketing strategy to help increase your visibility and revenue.  If you want to go from hating being on camera to looking like a pro, Bankable On Camera is for you. During our time together, we will work on your on camera presence so that we can use the power of video to showcase your expertise, raise your profile and increase your revenue.  

This program is for entrepreneurs and leaders who want a high touch experience with accountability and customized feedback. In addition to coaching, you will be required to submit videos to me weekly so that I can we can accelerate your results.

One on One video coaching is available virtually with calls held over Zoom. If you’d like to work with me in a one on one format, please click the button below to book a call with me. One on one coaching is  only available to five clients at a time.


Video Critique with Mikaela Ian is a service I offer for clients who want a high level experience but aren’t in a position to commit to 1:1 coaching. If you are currently creating video content but you don’t like how you look or don’t feel that the videos best represent you, that’s where I come in!

Here how it works: clients submit their video (no more than three minutes) and receive customized feedback from me, a video expert, so they can improve their on camera presence. I also send back video strategies that can be used going forward. Video Critique with Mikaela Ian  is available for $297 and feedback is provided within 72 hours after your submission.

Mikaela Ian exudes the confidence and skill necessary to market yourself over video and leads by true example. My initial session with her she uncovered limitations in both mindset and in technical skills that were holding me back from being more efficient and successful marketing myself over video. She gave me tools to overcome those challenges and I walked away knowing the strategies necessary to effectively and efficiently create video content that converts. I would highly recommend working with Mikaela if you are working to grow your business or your confidence.
Allison Lacoursier
Professional Coach