Success Stories


“Mikaela Ian exudes the confidence and skill necessary to market yourself over video and leads by true example. My initial session with her she uncovered limitations in both mindset and in technical skills that were holding me back from being more efficient and successful marketing myself over video. She gave me tools to overcome those challenges and I walked away knowing the strategies necesary to efectively and effeciently create video content that converts. I would highly recommend working with Mikaela if you are working to grow your business or your confidence.”
Allison Lacoursiere
Owner, Clear Coaching
"I decided to start working with Mikaela because I saw her videos on Instagram and I loved them. I loved how confident she was. I loved how she looked very professional even though you could tell it wasn't a professional camera crew doing it. Before I started working with her, I was so self-conscious about being on video. I hardly ever did videos. If I did, I wouldn't show my face or speak in them because I was so self-conscious. I didn't like the way my face looked, how I sounded. But now, after working with Mikaela, I'm much more comfortable doing videos. I'm much more confident in actually posting those videos because I now realize that I just needed to get over myself and post it. I highly recommend working with Mikaela because she actually assigns work, assigns videos for you to do and then provides thoughtful critique. And through practice, it just really helped me and I just really loved working with Mikaela and highly recommend her."
Aubrey Aalona-Orti
Financial Coach
"I worked with Mikaela during the America’s Cup. I always admired her confidence on and off the camera. I am so excited that she is sharing her talent, insight and tips with everyone. I had the pleasure of taking part in one of her recent classes and it was everything I expected. I thought I knew quite a bit about getting my message across on social media but I learned some awesome ideas and tips from Mikaela which I am strategising on implementing. I highly recommend you reach out to Mikaela if you want to “crush your confidence”. This boss babe knows what she is talking about. “
Keyla Grant
Wellness Advocate
Before Mikaela’s social media challenge, I was all in my head. I knew I should be posting on my personal social media pages, but I lacked confidence and feared putting myself out there. The challenge was super fun and engaging, but to be honest seeing Mikaela ‘walk the walk’ in her own business and also having her there to keep me accountable was the real tipping point for me. I realised playing small was hindering my business (a digital magazine for faith based women) from making the kind of impact in the world that I know is possible. Since doing the challenge I’ve figured out a weekly posting schedule and have even jumped on a few live videos. Thanks Mikaela!”
Nadia Laws
Owner, The Spiritual Gogetter
“Since I worked with Mikaela, I’ve gotten so much more confident being able to hop on video and share more about myself with my followers and potential clients that are out there. All the tips and tricks that she gave me, I’ve noticed, have really been the thing that pushed those clients over the edge to want to book with me, to want to learn more about my services and to engage more in the videos that I’m sharing. Just following those tips and tricks, showing up with confidence and showing up consistently has been key.”
Onikki Hardtman
Owner, Oh Nikki Occasions
Mikaela offered to assist me with camera positioning, as well as lighting and the actual presentation itself, focusing on my speaking flow, as well as authenticity in my content and brand. She objectively critiqued some of my existing vlogs – which didn’t make me feel uncomfortable – which I appreciated. I am working on mastering what she has perfected and looking forward to presenting more professional videos, as well as spending more time with Mikaela in leveling up my social media presence.
Patrice Frith Hayward
Bermuda Vlogger and Radio Talk Show Host
“I’ve worked with Mikaela on a few occasions and each time I’ve received VALUE. When I first started working with Mikaela, I had no idea what I was doing with my potential brand. However, by working with Mikaela and being open to constructive criticism, I was able to gain confidence in myself and my brand. Although building my confidence is ongoing, I can work on it consistently as I show up for my community through video daily. If I could change anything, it would be to stop doubting myself and work with Mikaela earlier.”
Shuntelle Paynter
Owner, A Journey To Telle